Editing content in absolutely positioned divs in Dreamweaver

by James Cook on March 19, 2009

Question from @discuit via Twitter: A coder we use has coded the site in Absoloute DIVs, and now we can't select any text in Design view. Any idea how to fix it?

Answer: Discuit, hover your cursor over the border of the div you want to edit (even one underneath another layer) until it highlights. Then click on border to select div. Now you can click inside the div and edit as usual.

Alternatively, you can also set the CSS visibility property to hidden for the top div in order to access the underlying div for editing. Just make sure you change it back!

Update: And, of course, I overlooked the obvious. Simply select the div you want to edit in Dreamweaver's AP Elements tab. Once the div is selected,  you can click inside the div and edit as usual.

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