Adobe acquires TypeKit and agrees to purchase creator of PhoneGap

by James Cook on October 3, 2011

Adobe is making a lot of news today and you can get a rundown on all of it here…

The big news for Dreamweaver users is:

phonegapAdobe acquires privately held Typekit

Typekit is a subscription service that allows developers to use a large library of fonts in their web pages. I'd expect to see TypeKit support in the next version of Dreamweaver (if not sooner as an extension). If this also means that the complete Adobe font library will be available via TypeKit the news is HUGE. Read more…

Adobe agrees to by Nitobi Software, creator of PhoneGap

PhoneGap allows developers to build native, cross platform mobile apps using HTML5 and Javascript. Adobe added support for PhoneGap in Dreamweaver CS5.5 so it's logical to assume we can expect improved PhoneGap support down the road for Dreamweaver and other Adobe apps.

Other News

Adobe joins the rush to the Cloud with Creative Cloud

I'm not sure exactly how this fits in so I'll just quote the release, "Adobe Creative Cloud reinvents creative expression by enabling a new generation of services for creativity and publishing, that embrace touch interaction to re-imagine how individuals interact with creative tools and build deeper social connections between creatives around the world.”

Adobe announces six new Touch Apps

Adobe announced Photoshop Touch and five other Touch apps to be used as part of its Cloud initiative. The apps are expected to be available for Android in November. A release date for iOS has yet to be announced.

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