Adobe Creative Suite CS6 and Creative Cloud Imminent?

by James Cook on March 20, 2012

Are Adobe's Creative Suite CS6 and Creative Cloud just around the corner?

UPDATE: Of course I missed the obvious answer:

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen

The upcoming CS release will also advance our HTML5 and mobile content creation and app development offerings, where we see strong interest to help our customers deal with the complexity they face.  All of this is on track for delivery late in Q2.

On the one hand

Update: On March 22 Adobe announced the Public Beta of Photoshop CS6.

I just received an invitation from a local community college to attend a "preview of some of the latest features and highlights of Photoshop CS6"  on March 27.

Attendees will have to sign a nondisclosure statement but I find it hard to believe that Adobe will be present anything that they don't want the public to hear about or, for that matter, anything they haven't already shown in previously released Photoshop Sneak Peek videos,

Still, it's an indication that the development cycle is coming to an end and the release can't be too far away.

On the other hand

At least one analyst is predicting that the CS6/Cloud release will slip to May (although that thinking isn't widespread and I can't find the article link at the moment).

And now for something completely different.

In other news, Jason Perlow of ZDNet, recently laid out the case for Apple to use it's huge cash pile to buy Adobe (or Corel). I'm a fan of both Apple and Adobe but that mashup isn't one I'd like to see. The foci and cultures of the two companies seem too diametrically opposed for me to believe users of the companies' product would benefit.

The second option offered in the article - Apple buying Corel - seems like a better (and much cheaper) option. And might offer Adobe some much needed competition in the graphics space.

html6game March 23, 2012 at 12:48 pm

I am most concerned about only two things, one is the adobe CS6 other flash actionscript3 to HTML5JS…

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