Adobe Creative Suite Subscription: Pro and Con

by James Cook on July 19, 2011

Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe's announcement of a subscription pricing option for Dreamweaver Cs5.5 and the entire Adobe Creative Suite has generated a lot of discussion and some controversy. Two MacWorld contributors recently took a look and came down on opposite sides of the issue. Here's a brief summary of their key points and links if you want to read the complete articles before making your decision.

Pros from Pamela Pfiffner

  • It's optional - not required: You can still buy critical software.
  • Cheaper: A year's "rental" is less than the cost of the suite.
  • Easier on the budget: Monthly payments rather than everything at once.
  • Flexibility: A monthly (rather than the cheaper yearly) plan allows you to pay for a program only when you need it.
  • Automatic updates: Bug fixes, enhancements and even upgrades are included in the subscription plan.

read the complete article at MacWorld…

Cons by David Blatner

  • Losing access to software: What if Adobe goes out of business (admittedly unlikely), drops your program or decides subscriptions aren't profitable enough?
  • Forced upgrades: You'll have to update on Adobe's schedule not yours.
  • Requires reliable Internet connection: May not be suitable for some users.

read the complete article at MacWorld…

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