Dreamweaver CS5.5 Announced by Adobe

by James Cook on April 11, 2011

Dreamweaver CS5.5

Adobe has announced Dreamweaver CS5.5 along with Adobe Suite CS5.5 which is expected to ship in May 3. While many applications in the Suite will receive significant upgrades some, like Photoshop and Illustrator, will only be bumped to version 5.1. Here's a brief overview:

For the casual user, DW5.5 doesn't offer much: minor bug fixes (including fixing some annoying issues with the CSS Styles palette). The real news is for more advance users who get:

  • Improved CSS3 code hinting including browser specific properties (CSS3 is still not supported in the New Style Definition dialog)
  • Code hinting for jQuery
  • Built-in support for jQuery mobile in the visual editing environment with the ability to export the resulting HTML as a native App for iOS and Android through PhoneGap
  • Improved support for CSS3 media queries
  • Improved Multi-Screen preview with Live View support (view your page at different monitor resolutions)
  • FTPS

I suspect it may be enough to get some developers so give the program a second look.

  • If you're an advanced user or design for the mobile environment, I'd rank Dreamweaver CS5 as a must have upgrade.
  • Current users of CS5 who won't take advantage of the new mobile features will likely choose to wait for CS6.
  • Owners of versions CS4 who have delayed updating should give strong consideration to CS5.5  - it may be time to upgrade.
  • For serious users of versions CS3 and earlier, I definitely recommend upgrading now.

Adobe Suite CS5.5

As for the rest of the Adobe Suite, the major updates include.

  • In addition to the normal purchasing method, Adobe has introduced subscription pricing that allows users to "rent" Adobe programs on a monthly or yearly basis. The rented programs are complete desktop applications. The subscription status is checked monthly and the program is deactivated if it has not been renewed. A subscription can be cancelled and reactivated later if desired. Subscribers receive all upgrades of programs they subscribe to.
  • Flash will now support export to HTML5
  • InDesign has improved control of HTML export through a new Articles palette and improved export for mobile publishing formats. One important note however: InDesign CS5.5 introduces an new file format that cannot be opened by older versions of the program. You'll want to consider the workflow implications before upgrading.
  • There are also significant upgrades Adobe's video editing applications.

Mobile SDK for Photoshop

Photoshop is also premiering a new SDK that will allow developers to create mobile apps that control Photoshop from smart phone. The SDK will be available without an upgrade.

More Later

I'll have more details later and I invite your questions.

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