Adobe Muse and Edge available in Creative Cloud and by subscription - Not in CS6

by James Cook on January 2, 2012

This article is part of an ongoing series about Adobe Creative Cloud.

The new year is here and, while we're waiting for Adobe's promised update to its Creative Cloud/CS6 faq, I thought I'd catch up on one piece of information I overlooked earlier.

As points out, Adobe has already announced that two recently released applications, Muse (which promises code-free website design and publishing) and Edge (an HTML5/CSS/JavaScript animation and interaction tool), will only be available as part of  Creative Cloud or by subscription but not as part of Creative Suite CS6.

Here's a quote from the Q&A session at Adobe's 2011 Financial Analyst's Meeting held November 9.

Q: You talked about Edge and Muse… Just wondering if those will be included in the CS6 upgrade, or only available through the Creative Cloud?

A: So, we’ve announced Edge and Muse, and they will be available in the CS6 timeframe. They’ll be available as point product subscriptions and through the Creative Cloud; the current thinking is not that we will be adding them to Creative Suite. Again as [CEO] Shantanu pointed out, we do expect and anticipate adding and driving more value into the Creative Cloud, that is the destination that we believe adds the most value to our customers, and we want to continue to drive people in that direction.

Pricing was not discussed but, according to the Adobe website, Muse will be available for $20 per month or $15 per month with a one-year subscription after the beta program ends.

Assuming similar pricing for Edge, that's a minimum of $30 per month for the two applications which - in comparison - makes Creative Cloud's $49.99 per month price tag seem like a bargain. Or at least that seems to be what Adobe is hoping. An alternative viewpoint is that, by forcing owners of Creative Suite to purchase a subscription to access the programs, Adobe is dissing its existing customers and devaluing Creative Suite.

We'll see how users feel when Creative Cloud and Creative Suite CS6 launch sometime towards the middle of the year. Assuming of course that Adobe doesn't change its mind before then, which is certainly a possibility.

Have you experimented with Muse and Edge? If so I'd appreciate hearing your opinions in the comments section below.

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