Building a CSS-based layout in Dreamweaver

January 24, 2013

Duration: Approximately 11:30 minutes. In this video I build from scratch a CSS-based layout similar to the 3-column layout that is built-in to Dreamweaver CS5 and CS6. While the layout is similar to the one in CS5, users of earlier version can benefit from the video as well. There's nothing in the video that can't […]

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CSS-based rollover menu from an unordered list

February 22, 2012

In just over ten minutes this Dreamweaver tutorial video takes you from an HTML list to a dynamic CSS-based menu featuring rollover buttons. Click to view additional Dreamweaver tutorials and tips for using CSS in Dreamweaver…

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Using Google Fonts with Dreamweaver

February 2, 2012

Since the dawn of the web, designers have been frustrated by the lack of font choices. There were work-arounds, such as using images rather than html text or font replacement scripts such as sIFR or Cufón for display fonts. But they weren’t very satisfactory. Today, a number of solutions exist including Google Fonts, Typekit (recently […]

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Web Images and Photoshop Smart Objects in Dreamweaver

November 21, 2011

I've had a number of questions about web images and Dreamweaver recently so I thought I would share this video from my Dominate Dreamweaver Course. Inserting Photoshop Smart Objects into web pages with Dreamweaver and using the Image Preview dialog to explore the JPEG, GIF and PNG image formats and the related options. Duration 17:12 […]

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Mobile-friendly web pages with Dreamweaver CS5.5

August 11, 2011

Lately I've been working the CSS3 media queries in order to provide a better user experience for folks viewing my sites on mobile devices. My first effort was a Free Dreamweaver Multiscreen Template and I've followed that up with Creating a mobile-friendly web page with Dreamweaver CS5.5 which was just posted at DreamweaverClub.com. I hope you'll […]

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Adding a Colorbox jQuery slideshow in Dreamweaver

March 20, 2011

Click logo above to play video… Clarifications: 1. Colorbox may not preview correctly in Live View in some versions of Dreamweaver. In that case use Preview in Browser instead. It should dispaly correctly in all browsers. 2. Colorbox comes with five example files which demonstrate various appearance settings. In step 2 below, choose the example […]

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Creating an Image Gallery Using Spry Tabbed Panels

January 19, 2011

Duration 7 minutes Dreamweaver has a number of built-in Spry widgets that allow you to create pop-out menus, sortable lists and a variety of other interactive features. In this video from Module 7 of my online Dominate Dreamweaver course, I demonstrate how Spry Tabbed Panels can be used to create an interactive image gallery. Spry […]

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