Expect Creative Cloud and Creative Suite CS6 in April

by James Cook on January 10, 2012

Reading the tea leaves from Adobe's fourth quarter earnings call these two statements stand out:

Creative Cloud membership will be launched in fiscal 2012 to coincide with the next release of our CS products.

We expect revenue in Q2 to increase sequentially due to the planned launch of our new Creative products.

I read that to mean we should expect the official announcement of the CS6 and Creative Cloud launch in April (which is pretty much the time frame a lot of folks have been tossing around). In order to significantly affect the second quarter bottom line, the products will have to be live early in the quarter. While Creative Suite is often announce several weeks before it ships and pre-orders are accepted, Creative Cloud, as a subscription service, will have to be live before it adds to the bottom line. So it's obviously Adobe's intention to get it running ASAP.

Lightroom 4 Beta available now

In a (possibly) related development, Adobe has also released the first public beta of Lightroom 4. There has been speculation that Lightroom will be rolled into Creative Cloud but no official announcement from Adobe. This announcement makes it clear the program is on the same update schedule as the Creative Suite apps which definitely makes bundling with Creative Cloud and possibly some version of Creative Suite CS6 a strong possibility.

If you have any additional information on Creative Cloud and Creative Suite CS6 please share it in the comments below.

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