Creative Cloud: Fighting the Misinformation

by James Cook on December 21, 2011

This article is part of an ongoing series about Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe has admittedly done a disastrous PR job with the announcement of Creative Cloud. As I've stated repeatedly, they haven't provided users the information they need to make plans for upgrading to Creative Suite CS6 or moving to Creative Cloud. To add to that problem, the lack of information has resulted in a lot of misinformation about Creative Cloud being spread in news stories and blogs.

I came across an example of such misinformation today on (ironically) While it wasn't the worst example I've seen, I decided I need to respond and I'm sharing that response with you here.

You can read the original article here. The part that really grabbed my attention as misleading was:

I think that Adobe should rethink the concept of the cloud for the Creative Suite, and not make this mandatory.  Artist[s] want their content protected, and [putting] their art, and their privacy, on the cloud brings that into question.

My response:

It's unfortunate to see misleading statements like this.

Creative Cloud will NOT be mandatory.

  1. You can purchase an upgrade to Creative Suite CS6 (but Adobe's current policy is that it will only be possible from CS5 or CS5.5). This will be a perpetual license like the one you currently own.
  2. You can continue to use your current version of the software forever or until your OS or hardware no longer supports it.
  3. You can purchase a subscription to only the programs you use. Current subscription pricing is expected to be adjusted downward when Creative Cloud and CS6 are released but Adobe hasn't made an official announcement.

Applications will not be in the cloud

In addition, the actual applications will not be in the cloud. They will be downloaded to your computer. The ONLY THING in the cloud that will be required for Creative Cloud subscribers is a monthly verification that your license is current. (For people who upgrade or buy a regularly licensed copy of Creative Suite CS6, an Internet connection will never be required).

No requirement to use online services

The current Creative Cloud beta (currently available free at which will be expanded and carried over to the Creative Cloud release version offers cloud storage of files, sharing and preview of stored files and additional features such Kuler integration, turning layers on/off in Photoshop and Illustrator previews, preview of native Indesign docs, etc. File synching across computers and other features are expected to be added.

But there is NO REQUIREMENT that you use the online storage and other online features. And you certainly won't be editing Photoshop or other files in the cloud. That functionality is a ways off.

Adobe is partly to blame

Again, it's unfortunate we're seeing a lot of bad information about Creative Cloud on blogs and in news reports but Adobe shares much of the responsibility for the problem. They announced Creative Cloud without offering supporting information to users and naturally that has created a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Unfortunately, they still haven't issued a clear statement about their plans and their effects upon Adobe users.

Clarifications and changes can be expected

We are still four months (or more) away from an actual launch of Creative Cloud and CS6 so hopefully we'll get some clarity (the sooner the better) and rethinking from Adobe.

Additional information

If you're interested in learning more, I've posted a number of other articles about Creative Cloud and plan to continue to post additional information as it becomes available and can be verified.

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