Deleting the font (and other) tags from existing pages

by James Cook on June 13, 2010

Last year I wrote that it is still possible (although not recommended) to use the deprecated <font> tag in Dreamweaver CS4. I recently got an email in response to that post asking how to remove the font tag from existing, older documents using CS4.

The writer noted that it was relatively easy in CS3 "all you have to do is highlight the block of text you want to edit and select "default" in the font selector box and "none" in font size and instantly the code is removed."

The good news is it's also very easy in CS4. All you need to do is right+click the offending <font> (or other) tag in the Status Bar at the bottom of the Document Window and select Remove Tag from the pop-up menu.

Viola, no <font> tag.

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