Favorite Adobe CS5.5 Features on Twitter

by James Cook on April 28, 2011

With the ship date for Adobe CS5.5 fast approaching, Adobe is kicking up the buzz a notch and that, of course, includes Twitter where Adobe has been hyping the hashtag #MyFavCS55 . Some of the new Dreamweaver features getting mentioned include:

#MyFavCS55 Jquery Mobile+Phone Gapp= making native mobile apps in Dreamweaver
The HTML 5 support in dreamweaver.#MyFavCS55
John Luke Mills
Desktop/Tablet/Mobile design integration in Dreamweaver #MyFavCS55
Aida Baez

#MyFavCS55 Dreamweaver Mobile Development and jQuery. Big time professional tools for any developer!!!

#MyFavCS55 Definitely Jquery Mobile / Phonegap support! AWESOME!
Mathieu Gosbee
Watching code hinting in Dreamweaver CS5.5 right now. Mind-blowing! I like the new Flash features, too. It's really hard to pick #MyFavCS55
Desktop/Tablet/Mobile design integration in Dreamweaver #MyFavCS55 feature so far
Brian McDonald

Check out what other folks are looking forward to in CS5.5…

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