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by James Cook on September 6, 2010

Born on the 4th of July Dreamweaver Template

These screen shots illustrate a few of the many possible page layout that you can create using the FREE Born on the 4th of July Dreamweaver template.

Note: Check out Dreamweaver Templates Tips for help with template issues.

I developed the “Born on the 4th of July” template as a learning tool and a demonstration of some the advanced features of Dreamweaver templates. It includes:

  • An advanced CSS layout (although you aren’t required to understand the CSS to use the template).
  • Optional regions which make it possible to create several different page layouts from a single template.
  • A well-commented style sheet to aid customization.
  • Horizontal and vertical menu options.
  • Free support for students enrolled in the Dominate Dreamweaver online training course

Click here to view a  live demo of “Born on the 4th of July”

Click here to download the Born on the 4th of July Dreamweaver template…

To install the template:

  1. Download the file using the link above.
  2. Unzip the contents of the file into the folder where you normally keep your Dreamweaver websites. The contents of the package are:
    • A folder named july4 containing the following files.
    • A Templates folder containing the july4.dwt template file.
    • A support folder containing the july4.css, design-time.css and READ-ME.txt (read it) files.
    • An images folder containing the flag.jpg and background.jpg files.
  3. Open Dreamweaver and select the menu: Site>New Site command.
  4. Define/setup your local site.
    • In the Local Info tab (DW CS4 and prior) point the local root folder to the july4 folder.
    • In the Site tab (DW CS5) point the local site folder to the july4 folder.
  5. If you already have hosting input the remote site/server info and click OK/Save when you are done.

To use the template:

  1. Select the menu: File>New… command.
  2. Select Page from Template.
  3. Make sure the site you just set up is selected in the site column.
  4. Select july4 from the Template column.
  5. Click Create to make a new page based upon the template.

To turn design features on/off:

  1. While working on a page created from the template select the menu: Modify>Template Properties… command.
  2. By default all optional regions of the template are displayed. To turn the display of a region off for the current page, select the region in the name column and uncheck the Show box in the lower portion of the dialog. Reverse the procedure to turn the display of a region back on.

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