More Photoshop CS6 Featured Previewed

by James Cook on February 21, 2012

While I've been busy over the past couple weeks Adobe has released a couple additional videos highlighting new and improved features coming in Photoshop CS6.

To be honest I found the new features videos rather ho-hum compared to the Camera Raw image processing and performance enhancements touted in previous sneaks.

Creating Dashed and Dotted Lines in Photoshop

Sneak Peak #3 highlights a feature that will leave most users wondering why it wasn't included years ago: creating dashed and dotted lines. It's a welcome feature but  not one to get overly excited about.

Content Aware Replace: Take 2

Sneak Peak #4 promises improvements to the highly-touted Content Aware Replace feature introduced in CS5 that, in my experience, never worked properly outside of Adobe demos. This time around Photoshop will allow you to define the area which will be used for the replacement fill and, not surprisingly, it works seamlessly in the demo. Personally, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that Adobe's second shot at this feature actually works as promised.

Stay tuned. The launch of Creative Suite CS6 and Creative Cloud is rapidly approaching and I'll have more info as it becomes available.

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