Photoshop CS6 Sneak Peak #5: Migrate Settings and More

by James Cook on February 23, 2012

With the release of Creative Suite CS6 and Creative cloud getting ever closer, Adobe continues to tease us with Photoshop Previews (would it kill them to preview other programs?). The lasts shows a few new features that, while not earth shattering, should improve the lives of regular Photoshop users.

The first is the ability to migrate user settings (including presets, workspaces, preferences and other settings) from one version to another. It should make updating a bit less painful for people who customize their setup. It will also allow for exporting and importing settings between computers which will make it easier to standardize your experience on multiple computers or across several computers in a classroom or lab.

And More

The second half of the sneak is dedicated to introducing a number of JDIs (Just Do Its) requested by users, which are mostly minor interface improvements. Again, nothing major, but it's good to see these items being addressed.

For more Photoshop sneak peeks see  Camera Raw image processingperformance enhancements and dashed lines and content aware replace take 2.

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