Photoshop CS6 Preview: Save in background and real-time liquify

by James Cook on February 2, 2012

Adobe has released a second sneak peak of Photoshop 6, which features a couple of nice enhancements.

The first is Save in Background, which allows you to work on one document while a second document is saving in the background. There doesn't seem to be a performance hit in the video, so this should allow for a real improvement in efficiency for those who work on multiple large files at the same time.

The second feature is Real-Time Liquify or liquify running on the GPU. It allows you to use the liquify tool in real time with no lag between the brush stroke and updating the display. Hopefully we'll see the same kind of performance improvement in other filters as well.

You can check out Adobe's first Photoshop sneak peak hereā€¦

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