Rebuilding Dreamweaver Preferences

by James Cook on April 23, 2009

It shouldn't happen but occasionally even good programs (Dreamweaver included) go bad . If Dreamweaver continually crashes on opening (or exhibits other strange behavior) one of the first things to try is recreating the preferences file.

  • For Mac OS X/DW CS4:
    • Quit Dreamweaver (if it already hasn't done that for you!).
    • Locate the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Prefs file (it's located in the username/Library/Preferences folder) and delete it.
    • Restart Dreamweaver and hope for the best.
    • Dreamweaver will recreate the Preferences file. You'll lose your previous preference setting and have to reset any custom preferences but hopefully the program will be stable now.
  • For PCs:
    • The procedure involves editing the Windows registry so I'll refer you to Adobe for the instructions. It's under item #5 on this pageā€¦

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