Registering a domain name (GoDaddy)

by James Cook on May 22, 2010

4 Checking out

In the next screen you’ll be able to review your shopping cart one last time before paying for your purchase.

Picture 37

Fig. A.9

Check the spelling of your domain name one last time, make sure you’ve selected the correct number of years for your registration, and if you’d like to keep your registration information from the public, select the red Private option.

There is a small fee associated with Private registration but, if your phone number is unlisted or you don’t want anyone to know who owns the domain, Private registration is the way to go.

If you make any changes to the information, be sure to click the charcoal Update Cart button before proceeding.

When you’re satisfied that all the information is correct, select a payment method (Credit Card, Check, PayPal, or a Godaddy gift card) and agree to Godaddy’s terms of service by checking the two I have read and agree… boxes in the gray field.

Finally, click the orange Checkout Now button to enter your billing information.

In the Secure Checkout screen make sure all of the information is correct. Particularly note the email address, as this is how you’ll receive information about your purchase.


Fig. A.10

If you’ve elected to pay via an account that’s on file with GoDaddy (as I have) you’ll need to select which account to use.

Assuming the total you see in the bright red text is correct, click the orange Checkout Now button one last time. (I promise, you really are “checking out now” this time!)

At this point you should see a section at the top of the page that looks like this:


Fig. A.11

While GoDaddy will continue to try to sell you more products and services (that you don’t need or want), your order is actually complete.

In fact, you should shortly receive two emails from Godaddy. The first one states that they’ve received your order, and the second one (see below) confirms that your domain registration was successful. (You may also receive an email regarding your account if you just set up a new one.)

Picture 40

Fig. A.12

Congratulations, you now own your very own domain name!

Note: You're done with GoDaddy for now but we’ll need to return briefly after you've set up your hosting (see insert url) and configure your Domain Name Servers (DNS).

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