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Photoshop Sneak Peek 6: Iris Blur

March 1, 2012

The latest Photoshop "sneak peek" from Adobe is a bit of a yawner. The new Iris Blur tool allows you take an image with a wide depth of field and create the appearance of a shallow depth of field. The video makes it sound like this was a difficult task in the past but commenters […]

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Photoshop CS6 Preview: Save in background and real-time liquify

February 2, 2012

Adobe has released a second sneak peak of Photoshop 6, which features a couple of nice enhancements. The first is Save in Background, which allows you to work on one document while a second document is saving in the background. There doesn't seem to be a performance hit in the video, so this should allow […]

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Adobe Quietly Eliminates Creative Suite Subscriptions

January 13, 2012

A check of the Adobe website indicates that Adobe has eliminated its subscription services for Creative Suite bundles. The move makes sense in light of the upcoming launch of Creative Cloud, which will include access to all Creative Suite programs along with Touch Apps, online storage and file sharing and other services. Creative Cloud will […]

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Adobe Creative Cloud/Creative Suite CS6 FUQ

January 11, 2012

Update 3: The promised Creative Suite CS6 upgrade announcement and Creative Cloud FAQ update from Adobe have arrived and, while I hoped for more, there is some big news so I've taken the liberty of answering my own Frequently Unanswered Questions (in blue below) based on the new info. This article is part of an ongoing […]

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Adobe offers upgrade path to Creative Suite CS6 for owners of CS3 and CS4

January 11, 2012

In a stunning about face, Adobe has announced (see that owners of Creative Suite CS4 and CS5 will be offered upgrade pricing for the purchase of Creative Suite CS6 through the end of the year.The following is from a message to User Group Managers and Adobe Community professionals: With these great new releases coming in […]

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Expect Creative Cloud and Creative Suite CS6 in April

January 10, 2012

Reading the tea leaves from Adobe's fourth quarter earnings call these two statements stand out: Creative Cloud membership will be launched in fiscal 2012 to coincide with the next release of our CS products. We expect revenue in Q2 to increase sequentially due to the planned launch of our new Creative products. I read that to […]

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Creative Suite: Upgrade, Wait for Creative Cloud or ???

November 22, 2011
Thumbnail image for Creative Suite: Upgrade, Wait for Creative Cloud or ???

 Important Note: Adobe has announced a revised Creative Suite CS6 upgrade policy which includes owners CS3 and CS4. I'll revise these recommendations as soon as I"ve had the opportunity to fully consider the new policy. This article is part of an ongoing series about Adobe Creative Cloud. The recommendations Here’s a summary of my recommendations along […]

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