CSS postitioning

12-Step Program for CSS’oholics

August 4, 2010

Hi, my name is Jim and I’m a CSS’oholic. I remember my first floated div. It was heaven. Soon I escalated to CSS rollovers buttons and list-based menus. I was on top of the world! And then, the downward spiral began. Before I realized what was happening, I found myself watching the sun come up […]

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Center an HTML Page Layout

June 18, 2009

Update: The directions here have been updated to accomodate absolutely positioned divs. Thanks to Dianne Lewandowski for pointing out the issue. You can also view my video on Centering a CSS web page layout… I thought I'd expand a bit on my answer to a question from Brandon85 on Twitter. He asked: Why is this so […]

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Editing content in absolutely positioned divs in Dreamweaver

March 19, 2009

Question from @discuit via Twitter: A coder we use has coded the site in Absoloute DIVs, and now we can't select any text in Design view. Any idea how to fix it? Answer: Discuit, hover your cursor over the border of the div you want to edit (even one underneath another layer) until it highlights. Then click […]

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