Using Google Fonts with Dreamweaver

February 2, 2012
Google Fonts

Since the dawn of the web, designers have been frustrated by the lack of font choices. There were work-arounds, such as using images rather than html text or font replacement scripts such as sIFR or Cufón for display fonts. But they weren’t very satisfactory. Today, a number of solutions exist including Google Fonts, Typekit (recently […]

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Using the font tag in Dreamweaver CS4

August 3, 2009

A lot of folks are whining and moaning because Dreamweaver CS4 now enforces the use of CSS styles rather than HTML attributes for formatting. One of the things this means is no more font tag (and its related attributes). That's a good thing in my book. No more code like this: <p><font color="#003399" size="5" face="Tahoma, […]

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FireFox and the Webdings font

July 13, 2009

I recently receved this question from John via email: You stated that Webdings were part of the Microsoft Core set of fonts that are pretty safe to use for web design….Pat had been saying for awhile that her hearts were not working on her website … and I would go and check and they were […]

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