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Keyboard Shortcut: Design View to Code View round trip

April 27, 2009

Design to Code View and Back: Control+~(tilde) will alternate your work space between Design and Code Views. This is one of those rare shortcuts that uses the same keys for both PC and Mac!

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Keyboard Shortcut: Apply heading or paragraph tags

April 24, 2009

Thanks to @Ivanico on Twitter for pointing out today's ToTD. With the cursor in a text block, you can type Control+[1-6]/Command+[1-6] to apply a heading (h1-6) tag to the block. And, with the cursor in a heading, you can type Control+0 (zero)/Command+0 to change the heading to a paragraph.

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Shortcut: Navigating tabbed documents

April 22, 2009

Navigate tabbed documents in Dreamweaver: Next document (right) Control+Tab (PC)/Command+~ (Tilde) (Mac)  - Previous document (left) Control+Shift+Tab (PC)/Command+Shift+~ (Mac).

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Shortcut: Add HTML tag around selected text

March 31, 2009

I just picked up this Dreamweaver tip from @tomwittlin on Twitter: To any tag around a bit of text or code simply make a selection and type Ctrl+T (Cmd+T Mac). Double-click on the tag you want to wrap around the selection and type Enter. It also works with not text selected if you want to […]

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