Shortcut: Locate file

April 21, 2009

To locate a file on your server Right click/Control click on the file in your Local Files window and select Locate in Remote Site from the pop-up menu. If you're not already connected, Dreamweaver will connect to your server and highlight the file in the Remote Files window. It also works for locating a file […]

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Shortcut: Go to code

April 20, 2009

Right click/Control click on a style name in Dreamweaver's Style Palette, select Go To Code and the CSS code for the clicked style will be displayed in the code window. The same context menu allows you to edit, create, move and remove styles from your style sheets.

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Status Bar Shortcuts

April 19, 2009

Dreamweaver's Status Bar (at the bottom of the Document Window) is often overlooked. It shows the currently selected HTML tag as well as its parent tags and allows you to select a parent tag by simply clicking on it. But there's more! Right click/Control click on a tag in the Status Bar and the pop-up […]

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Shortcut: Open linked page

April 18, 2009

In Dreamweaver Right click/Control click on a link to any file within your web site and select Open Linked Page (about half way down the menu) to open the linked file in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver Dirty Little Secret: The Align item in the same menu is were you can use the html align attribute to center […]

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