My Site Won't Update

June 18, 2009

Another problem often experienced by Dreamweaver noobies is: I've updated my site in Dreamweaver and it looks fine when I preview it but after I upload it the changes don't show up on the site. Let's eliminate the easiest solution first. Did you refresh your browser window? When you view a page on the web, […]

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My Images/Style Sheets/Javascript Are Broken

June 17, 2009

I frequently get questions like this: My site works fine on my computer but when I upload it the [fill in the blank] are broken. My first response is one I use to address of lot of issues: Make sure your site is properly defined. It's critical enough that I wrote a tutorial, Define Your […]

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Dreamweaver Workspaces

May 18, 2009

As Dreamweaver has matured it's become more than a tool for designers looking for a WSIWYG web tool. It's become a serious web development tool and is even getting the attention of (gasp!) hard core coders. In recognition of this trend, Adobe has added several new preset workspaces to Dreamweaver. The workspaces, which are accessed […]

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Find and Replace

May 14, 2009

Recently on Twitter @fesworks asked about Dreamweaver's find and replace functionality (menu Edit>Find and Replace… or Control+F/Command+F). It's really quite extensive and, if you're serious about building websites, I recommend you explore it. Here's a quick rundown of  the functionality: F&R can work on unopened documents, so you don't even have to have a document […]

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Recovering a Dreamweaver Template

May 13, 2009

More Dreamweaver Recovery Tips: Recover Dreamweaver Site Definitions | Recover Dreamweaver Passwords Now that I've gotten Let's Get Started with Dreamweaver out the door, I thought it would be a good time to catch up on a few Tips of the Day (which you may have noticed haven't been happening lately). I have still been […]

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Recover FTP password

April 28, 2009

More Dreamweaver Recovery Tips: Recover Dreamweaver Template | Recover Dreamweaver Site Definitions I always warn my Dreamweaver students not to save their FTP password with their site information if they are working a public computer. If they do, anyone with access to the computer will have access to their website. In addition, the password encryption […]

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Keyboard Shortcut: Design View to Code View round trip

April 27, 2009

Design to Code View and Back: Control+~(tilde) will alternate your work space between Design and Code Views. This is one of those rare shortcuts that uses the same keys for both PC and Mac!

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