Upgrading from Dreamweaver 8 to CS4

April 2, 2009

Personally I considered Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe's first upgrade to the program after acquiring it, to be a "must have" update.Obviously, a lot of you didn't see it that way.

Lately I've fielded a lot of questions from people considering upgrading from Dreamweaver 8 (CS2) to Dreamweaver CS4. While it's fairly easy to find information about the incremental updates: from DW8 to CS3 and from CS3 to CS4 (links at the end of this post) I haven't found a source that offers an overview of what's in store if you make the leap from 8 directly to CS4. So I've put together a quick overview with some brief comments of the features that await you at the end of the DW8 to DWCS4 upgrade process.

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