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Dreamweaver Workspaces

May 18, 2009

As Dreamweaver has matured it's become more than a tool for designers looking for a WSIWYG web tool. It's become a serious web development tool and is even getting the attention of (gasp!) hard core coders. In recognition of this trend, Adobe has added several new preset workspaces to Dreamweaver. The workspaces, which are accessed […]

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Shortcut: Navigating tabbed documents

April 22, 2009

Navigate tabbed documents in Dreamweaver: Next document (right) Control+Tab (PC)/Command+~ (Tilde) (Mac)  - Previous document (left) Control+Shift+Tab (PC)/Command+Shift+~ (Mac).

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Shortcut: Open linked page

April 18, 2009

In Dreamweaver Right click/Control click on a link to any file within your web site and select Open Linked Page (about half way down the menu) to open the linked file in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver Dirty Little Secret: The Align item in the same menu is were you can use the html align attribute to center […]

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Upgrading from Dreamweaver 8 to CS4

April 2, 2009

Personally I considered Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe's first upgrade to the program after acquiring it, to be a "must have" update.Obviously, a lot of you didn't see it that way.

Lately I've fielded a lot of questions from people considering upgrading from Dreamweaver 8 (CS2) to Dreamweaver CS4. While it's fairly easy to find information about the incremental updates: from DW8 to CS3 and from CS3 to CS4 (links at the end of this post) I haven't found a source that offers an overview of what's in store if you make the leap from 8 directly to CS4. So I've put together a quick overview with some brief comments of the features that await you at the end of the DW8 to DWCS4 upgrade process.

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Shortcut: Add HTML tag around selected text

March 31, 2009

I just picked up this Dreamweaver tip from @tomwittlin on Twitter: To any tag around a bit of text or code simply make a selection and type Ctrl+T (Cmd+T Mac). Double-click on the tag you want to wrap around the selection and type Enter. It also works with not text selected if you want to […]

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Accessing the Files Panel in CS4

March 20, 2009

Question from @lavasusan via Twitter: Dreamweaver problem: how to get file list to appear for a site? Used to be able to open it thru "manage." Now nothing opens the list. Answer: In the Mac version of Dreamweaver CS4 the way you access the Site Files panel has changed. You can now show and hide the […]

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