Dreamweaver Workspaces

by James Cook on May 18, 2009

As Dreamweaver has matured it's become more than a tool for designers looking for a WSIWYG web tool. It's become a serious web development tool and is even getting the attention of (gasp!) hard core coders.

In recognition of this trend, Adobe has added several new preset workspaces to Dreamweaver. The workspaces, which are accessed from the Window>Workspace Layout menu item, include:

  • App Developer
  • App Developer Plus
  • Classic
  • Coder
  • Coder Plus
  • Designer
  • Designer Compact
  • Dual Screen

As the names imply, the workspaces are  designed to accommodate the needs of different users in different computing environments. So, if you're not happy with the default setup, try one of these options.

If you still aren't happy, you can always open and close windows and move and resize palettes until you are. When you quit Dreamweaver it will remember your workspace. In other words, if you start with the Designer workspace, change it and then quit, your changes will be integrated into the default Designer workspace which you can access at anytime by selecting Window>Workspace>Designer.

To remove your changes and return the Designer workspace to its original settings choose Window>Workspace>Reset "Designer."

You can also arrange the workspace as you like it and save it as a custom workspace by choosing Window>Workspace>New Workspace… That way you'll have access to the new workspace as well as all the built-in defaults.

Finally you can delete or rename the custom workspaces you create by choosing Window>Workspace>Manage Workspaces…

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